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The Journing Plague by Shaune Lafferty Webb
Available 1 March 2024

Cover - The Journing Pague - skulls and a futeristic train

Lured by an old friend to the infamous Duck Down Club, Journer Kai Astada is tricked into joining the Resistance. His task is to exonerate his caste by disproving their government’s claim that the Journers are responsible for the plague now raging across Pedora. Kai didn’t expect that his world would be turned on its head in the process.

Sample here.

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Recently released

Asparagus Grass by Adrian Deans

Cover - Asparagus Grass - solitary male standing against the universe

Mitch Kuiper works for the Council pulling out asparagus grass – a tough spiky weed that conquers entire suburbs. Mitch’s life is entirely normal until he meets two quirky young women with incredible secrets and, as Mitch is drawn into their worlds, finds his head exploding with the perils before him – a galactic war, in which he has just become a key player.


'Kurt Vonnegut meets Jason Bourne. Another imaginative Adrian Deans rollercoaster ride on an extra-terrestrial scale’
Peter Goldsworthy AM, Author of ‘Maestro’ and ‘Honk If You Are Jesus’

Asparagus Grass catapults everyday life into an interstellar spectacle. With a beer-loving gardener as our unlikely hero, this tale weaves cosmic chaos with terrestrial toil, resulting in a narrative as gripping as it is hilarious.
Carola Schmidt (Reviewer and award-winning author)

If you enjoy science fiction and unconventional narratives, you'll find this book to be a delightful and captivating read.
Heather (BookGirlBrown Reviews)

A great binge read for someone who likes sci fi romance with a little conspiracy.
Jmortiff (The Book & Beverage Review – Youtube & Goodreads reviewer)

Good satire is rare these days so it’s a joy to find a book dealing with important social and political issues without ramming its preachy message down your throat. Add a cracking plot and you have a winner.
Karen (Goodreads)

The White Pavilion (The Cosmic Winds #1) by Ruth Fox

Cover - The White Pavilion - steam-punk heroine with falling feather

When Imre falls during the Dance of a 1000 Steps, she is called before the Regent, certain she is to be punished. But the Regent is more than he seems, and on a planet that moves to the ticking of a clock, they must work together to save their world.


'This book consumed me. I don't think I've ever read a proper steampunk novel before now, just seen the aesthetic and the stereotypes. I didn't find any of these things in The White Pavilion. Instead, I found a stunning world bursting at the seams with lore, a large but well-balanced and vibrant cast of characters, and a story so intricate and perfectly paced it's almost as if it was propelled by finely tuned gears instead of the human mind.'
Bethany Martin

'The White Pavilion is elevated into sheer brilliance because of its memorable protagonist and world building.'
Julie's A Bookworm

'The White Pavilion might just be one of my all-time favourite book... It is so unbelievably, perfectly, undeniably human, it makes me want to cry.'
The Writing Werewolf

'A fresh take on sci-fi fantasy with impeccable pacing'
Amayas Reads

'5 star read, gorgeous world building'
Ginger Book Lover

'There's political intrigue, espionage, robots ... and dancing'
The Reading Lobster

'It's creative and unique.'
Stars Books and Teas

Slipstream by Alice Godwin

Cover - Slipstream - fantasy unicorn with a black horn

Ripped from her mother’s dying body, Raven now earns her living in the electronic chatter of a future world. And then Ceriful appears, a product of fantasy and dreaming, Ceriful needs Raven but why? Now she must decide; to save his world or hers.


'Filled with suspense, foreshadowing, and flashbacks, Slipstream delivers a surprise ending. Whether interested in cozies or noir fiction, this magical mystery will glue you to the edge of your seat.'

'This keeps the reader guessing and I found that I was trying to play detective as I read'

'5 stars. Really enjoyed the mystery of the murder and the way the story was told going backwards and forwards between the past, the present, and the future.'

Read Sample

Dark Days (#2 The Albatar Chronicles) by Leonie Rogers

Cover - Dark Days showing a woman and a man's face

With the Greater Gorgone defeated, Kazari has survived her first ordeal as a Hunter. As the only one who can sense when a gorgone – a demon from Beyond – is near, she is destined to become one of the Lady’s greatest weapons in the coming battle – if she can overcome her own fears. But the threat to Albatar is rising – and evil lurks in surprising places.


'Dark Days is the 2nd in The Albatar Chronicles - following on from Amethyst Pledge - by Aussie author Leonie Rogers and it was exceptional.'
Brenda Goodreads Librarian

'... both wonderful and frightening, I became so invested in the characters of Kaz and Sendar that I didn't want anything awful to happen to them!'
Alayne Goodreads

'I love the way this series is developing ...'
Carolyn Goodreads

'A fabulous start to a new series, exciting, un-put-downable, and with a very interesting plot and characters'
Alayne Russell, Reviewer

Read Sample

Petrichor by Melanie Rees

Cover - Petrichor, showing a young boy against a background of an Australian drought

Between them, the death of Clayton’s older brother, and the drought’s Red King, has almost broken Clayton’s father. Guided by the magical creature Waringa, Clayton embarks on a quest to free the rain spirits captured by the Red King. But his efforts draw the ire of his father, even as memories of Clayton’s role in his brother’s death begin to emerge.

15% of the publisher’s revenue from the sale of this book will be donated to the following Austn. charities: Rural Aid and Beyond Blue.


'in Melanie Rees’ exquisite telling, the unbearable is transformed'
Carly Rheilan, Author of 'Birthrights' and 'Asylum'

'It is a story that fascinates and inspires in equal measure' -
The Hard Hat Book Site

'Petrichor is beautifully written. The descriptions of the Australian landscape in the grip of drought paints a stark image of the effects of natural disaster on both the land and the people who live on it' -
Kate Reads' Books

'... a beautifully written book about grief and the love a family can have for each other. It delivers a strong message to talk about your grief with the ones you love.' -
Jenny Lous Book Reviews

'A thoroughly well written, thoughtfully explored and 3 dimensional story exploring the impact of Toxic Masculinity, Suicide, Grief, Financial Hardship, and Family Support in a time of crisis.' -
Ali - Goodreads' Reviewer

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