Day 04 – Friday

The Heat-ray

04-Jun 00:01 – Friday

With the landing of a 2nd Martian craft the army attempts to surround the Woking pit.


In London medicine continues to be at the forefront of Toni’s mind, fuelled by the talk she attends by Marie and Pierre Curie, but on the way home the preceding evening she had seen a strange light in the sky.  As a result she finds herself thinking of the idea of life on Mars. And because she’s friends with the brother of the renowned HG Wells, curiosity begins to stir.


Recalled to their barracks Morant and Vogan have decided to go AWOL to attend the Curie’s talk on Saturday in Oxford.

04-Jun 00:12

Police records show that several witnesses from Woking reported that shortly after midnight they saw a star fall from heaven into the pine-woods to the northwest. It fell with a greenish light, causing a flash of light like summer lightning

04-Jun 03:10

Throughout the night witnesses continue to describe a light-ray, like the beam of a warship’s searchlight, sweeping the common around the pit, often followed by what some people describe as a “Heat-Ray”. Those on the common also report hearing the sound of hammering from the pit.

04-Jun 07:00 @LtCarver

From the personal log of Lt Roger Carver, Marines, HMS Thunder Child, 04 June 1897 07:00 GMT


Ship’s company has become more tense since yesterday evening. Mr. Farmer’s wireless continues to bring us frightful news of more falling stars and fighting in Essex with the army having been mobilized.


04-Jun 07:10

While ‘The Times’ of 4 June accepts Ogilvy’s view that it would be impossible for the Martians to establish themselves on Earth because of the difference in gravity, with Earth’s being 3 times Mars. We now know Ogilvy failed to account for Earth’s higher oxygen level, and the Martian’s machines.

04-Jun 10:45 #GovStatement

Military authorities issue a statement at this confirming that a squadron of hussars, two Maxims, and four hundred men of the Cardigan regiment have started from Aldershot for Woking.

04-Jun 11:00 #FalseWar
04-Jun 11:00 #FalseWar

Due to the absence of active combat, Friday the 4th has been described by the historian Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart (better known as Captain B H Liddell Hart – see picture) as the #False War.

04-Jun 14:00 @BreakerMorant

The regiment’s been recalled to base. Only way to see the Curie talk is to go AWOL.

04-Jun 14:30 @BreakerMorant

Brown volunteers to stay behind so he can cover for us again. It should be alright if we get back from Oxford before first bugle. We can’t get train tickets to Oxford, so Vogan booked the stagecoach. The return on the overnight coach will get us back in time.

04-Jun 17:08 @ToniWantsToVote
04-Jun 17:08 @ToniWantsToVote

Great lecture on #germtheory today. @listersantiseptics was there in person! The great man himself spoke on #antisepsis. Can’t believe #London was so #hostile to him initially. #antisepsissaveslives


04-Jun 17:45 @ToniWantsToVote

Saw a strange light in the sky last night. @hgwellsbro doesn’t believe I saw anything. (Despite his brother being from #Woking) #strangelights #mysteriouslights


04-Jun 17:50 @ToniWantsToVote

Could the light be #fromMars? #TheDailyTelegraph continues to run stories about goings in on #Woking @hgwellsbro hasn’t heard anything from his brother? Can you #lendcredence?


04-Jun 18:07 @ToniWantsToVote

@lizcadbury’s chocolates were OMG delish! #buyCadburychocolate #supportthecause


04-Jun 18:10 @ToniWantsToVote

Had to point out to @hgwellsbro that I wasn’t sharing #mychocolates unless he #becomesanally #equality has nothing to do with chocolate sharing


04-Jun 19:00 #Woking

The recently opened Woking Police Station (1887) receives several reports of fires in the pine-woods about the Byfleet Golf Links as the result of the landing of the second Martian craft.

04-Jun 20:00 #Woking
04-Jun 20:00 #Woking

A police liason with the recently arrived military forces recalled turning back the Woking Fire Brigade’s new 3 horse tender, which had responded to requests from the owners of the Byfleet Golf Links who were concerned at the possibility of fire threating their facilities.


The Constable’s actions in turning the five men back undoubtedly saved their lives, and the future of the Woking FC, with whom all 5 men played. The club had only been formed in 1887, and had joined the West Surrey League in 1895–96, winning the title by one point.

04-Jun 23:03 @ToniWantsToVote
04-Jun 23:03 @ToniWantsToVote
Spent the rest of the evening listening to @marieradiumcurie and her husband @pierreradiumcurie #science #womeninscience #sheisamazing


04-Jun 23:55 #ThunderChild

From the log of HMS Thunder Child, 05 June 1897 23:55 GMT


Lookout reports another falling star on a bearing of 315 degrees, NW. Bright green in colour. Captain orders ship’s speed increased to 14 kts. Heading 112 degrees, ENE. Sky clear, seas moderate, winds 12 kts ENE.