Day 05 – Saturday

The War Begins

05-Jun 00:01 – Saturday

After the Martians use their heat-ray on the crowd watching them, and 40 civilians die in the resulting panic, London slowly awakes to the possible danger on its doorstep.


Toni reads the news headlines, and is horrified to learn that Martians have really landed on Earth. As an educated woman she is reassured by the differing gravity between Earth and Mars. But the first hints of concern creep into her diary.


With disruptions now affecting the railways Morant and Vogan leave for Oxford by stagecoach to hear the Curies’ talk, even as the artillery encircling the first 2 cylinders are destroyed by the Martian’s heat ray.

05-Jun 05:10 @HGWells #Woking

Wells records that sappers were sighted digging in around the Woking Railway Bridge around dawn, and that both the Horsell and Chobham church towers were in the hands of the military authorities.

05-Jun 06:50 #Idiots

From the personal diary of Colonel Cardigan. “Just received a telegram from the CinC. Apparently the Martians are to be captured rather than killed. !@#$%^&” #idiots

05-Jun 07:00 #TodaysWeather

The Times‘ weather forecast for today is ‘hot and close, with unsettled weather predicted over the coming week.’ This is The Times’ 36rd year of providing weather forecasts, and its prediction for the coming week proves accurate.

05-Jun 07:30 @ToniWantsToVote

Will be #hot today according to Times.

05-Jun 07:45 @BreakerMorant

Newspaper headlines report that Martians have landed on Earth.

05-Jun 08:00 #Woking

From the personal diary of Colonel Cardigan. ‘The Martians remain busy in their pit, with the sound of hammering and an almost continuous stream of smoke. As ordered, fresh attempts have been made to signal, but without success.’

05-Jun 08:05 @HGWells

Wells later records that “…the signalling was done by a man in a ditch with a flag on a long pole. The Martians took as much notice of such advances as we should of the lowing of a cow.”

05-Jun 09:00 @ToniWantsToVote

Maybe there really are #martians? @hgwellsbro still hasn’t heard from #Woking?

05-Jun 10:00 @ToniWantsToVote





05-Jun 11:00 @BreakerMorant
05-Jun 11:00 @BreakerMorant

Leave for Oxford by stagecoach to hear the Curie’s talk. Trip took almost 8 hours. The news about the Martians is getting worse.

05-Jun 15:00 #Woking

From the personal diary of Colonel Cardigan. ‘Appears we’ve been forgotten! Lawrence’s lot have got the guns and have begun firing on the second cylinder in the hope of destroying the object before it opens.’

05-Jun 17:00 #Woking

From the personal diary of Colonel Cardigan. ‘Finally! The artillery’s arrived. First gun’s just reached Chobham. Let’s see the Martians try to ignore this!”

05-Jun 17:55 @HGWells #Woking

Henderson, the Daily Chronicle’s reporter at Woking, joins the artillery to observe it in action, but is killed when the Martian’s heat-ray explodes a nearby caisson which contained the ammunition for one of the cannons emplaced around the pit.

05-Jun 18:00 @ToniWantsToVote

@hgwellsbro told me of fascinating discussion in #crammersbiology today. Sounds like the #Martians are unlikely to be able to move in our #gravity #wewillbesafe

Will we?

05-Jun 18:04 #Woking

From the personal diary of Colonel Cardigan. ‘Guns destroyed. I’ve ordered the infantry to hold. God help us all.’

05-Jun 18:10 @HGWells #Woking
05-Jun 18:10 @HGWells #Woking

Wells observes the tops of the trees about the Oriental College bursting into flames, and the tower of the little church beside it collapsing. The pinnacle of the mosque had vanished, and the roof-line of the college itself looks as if a 100-ton gun had been at work upon it.


The illustration shows the design of the original mosque, intended to have been completed in 1899.

05-Jun 18:24 #Woking

People begin to flee Woking, as the hussars go house to house, persuading people to evacuate.

05-Jun 18:31 @HGWells #Woking

The smoke now extends as far as the Byfleet pine-woods to the east, and to Woking in the west.


And very faint now, but very distinct through the hot, quiet air, Wells can hear the whirr of a machine-gun, and an intermittent cracking of rifles in response to the Martians setting fire to everything within range of their Heat-Ray.

05-Jun 18:40 @ToniWantsToVote

Must put a kit together #justincase – a few medical supplies, more #dividedskirts, and some high energy foods. #chocolateforthewin

05-Jun 20:00 @ToniWantsToVote

@hgwellsbro is going to a music hall? #Martians have landed in Britain and he’s going dancing?

05-Jun 20:43 @ToniWantsToVote

Just heard that troops are mobilising. Apparently the #Martians are still in their pit, though. #gravity WILL defeat them!

05-Jun 20:50 @ToniWantsToVote

@hgwellsbro is heading to #Woking to #seetheThings? Is he mad?