Creating a killer book title

I’ve been following Valerie Peterson who blogs on publishing on for over five years now and thought her recent article on creating a killer book title was worth alerting people to. The article covers:

  • What makes a great book title
  • Using a step-by-step approach to creating a book title
  • Making a ‘good’ title ‘great’; and
  • Creating strong, clear subtitles

Creating a good title for your book is even more important than that very first sentence (a topic to be covered in a future blog). A good title helps ensure it will stick in the minds of prospective readers. A good book title, like an effective and appealing cover, is a vital marketing tool for the book (for example consider Fifty Shades of Chicken which has a killer title and a picture of a trussed roast chicken on the cover). Read about what makes a selling book title.
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What’s coming up

Welcome to our new blog which will cover all things writing, publishing, and eBooks. The blog will be updated every Sunday.

Some of the topics we have coming up for you include:

  • Creating a killer title!
  • Just how many eBook readers is enough?
  • How to produce an eBook; and
  • From the slush pile – common mistakes of first time authors

If you have any specific suggestions, or anything you want us to cover, then let us know.