Our latest newsletter is now available (March 2023)

  • New Releases
    • Dark Days by Leonie Rogers, book 2 in the Albatar Chronicles
    • The White Pavilion by Ruth Fox
    • Slipstream by Alice Godwin
    • The Audiobook of Nightfall as narrated by Alan Malcolm and Sally Bruce
  • Coming Soon for 2023
      • Asparagus Grass by Adrian Deans
      • The War of the Worlds in Real Time, a fictionalised docudrama written by HG Wells, Leonie Rogers, Michael Cnudde, Andrew Harvey, and Ken Vickery will be tweeted live throughout the month of June
  • Author News
        • New Eden, by Ruth Fox, book 2 in CatCat Publishing’s The Ark Trilogy to be released 29 April.
        • Andrew J. Harvey has another book in The Portal Adventures coming out from Peasantry Press on May 2.
        • Asparagus Grass’ Adrian Deans has been busing on Muse.
  • And a reminder about our Trilogy Paperback Packs (Save 10% and free P&P)
    • The Frontier Series by Leonie Rogers
    • The Safe Harbour Chronicle by Shaune Lafferty Webb
    • The Bridges Trilogy by Ruth Fox

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Only 3 more days until ‘Petrichor’ is released

Only 3 more days till Petrichor becomes available for download, or to order from your local bookshop.
“There is a deeply profound message in this story. One of the inner turmoil and suffering of the loss of family , and the hope that eventually they will overcome the darkness that lies within.” – Karla Kay – Goodreads
“Petrichor is a beautiful #YA book by Melanie Rees (@FlexiRees) which covers large topics like grief & drought with warmth & sensitivity. The mixture of magic & reality makes it a fascinating & interesting story, full of adventure & intrigue. 5/5 rating” – Maddy Templeman. Reviewer.

SwanCon 2021 – June 5-7

Picture of Andrew and Leonie behind the stall
Hague Publishing will be at #SwanCon this weekend (Covid permitting). The last time SwanCon was held author Leonie Rogers (@RaeYesac) joined us. This year we’re running solo, so drop by and chat, or join us for one of three panels we’re on.

A writer’s view of the pandemic5 Jun 2021, Saturday 13:00 – 14:00, Duxton 1 (Duxton Hotel)

How will the COVID-19 affect you, the writer? Have to throw away a script that was “Too soon”? More familiar with the effects of isolation? Did the quiet time finally give you time to write you magnum opus?

Samantha Murray, Andrew Harvey (Hague Publishing / Science Fiction Author), Rebecca Laffar-Smith (Sci Fi Fantasy Author), Amanda Bridgeman

Unreliable narrators: a subjective and uncertain discussion Format: Panel
6 Jun 2021, Sunday 10:00 – 11:00, Duxton 1 (Duxton Hotel)

Unreliable narrators: a subjective and uncertain tour through the story-telling options for introducing biased narrators, not limited to accidental telepathy, too much partying, deceit, stupidity and obliviousness.

Andrew Harvey (Hague Publishing / Science Fiction Author), Stephen Dedman

Writing 001: Help and assistance for new Writers6 Jun 2021, Sunday 15:00 – 16:00, Duxton 1 (Duxton Hotel)

Are YOU a new writer, or want to become a writer? Are YOU looking for guidance and/or information about where to go with your “Work in Progress” or finished novel? Wondering where to find beta readers, or just wanting to talk to people who know more about publishing and publication and markets than you do?

Join our team of Authors and Publishers as they help YOU get to the next level with advice and guidance.

Amanda Bridgeman, Russell B. Farr, Andrew Harvey (Hague Publishing / Science Fiction Author), Rebecca Laffar-Smith (Sci Fi Fantasy Author), Glenda Larke

Amazon finally catches up with the 21st century in Australia

Amazon LogoFor a retailer with one of the biggest, and possibly most sophisticated back office systems in the world Amazon demonstrated until a couple of days ago one of the most backward and antiquarian of systems when it came to paying Australian publishers who didn’t have an American bank account. While Google was quite happy paying earnings direct into our bank account every month in Australian dollars, and Lulu (Hague Publishing’s agent for Barnes and Noble and Apple sales) paid monthly into our PayPal account, and even Kobo was prepared to pay into our Australian bank account a maximum of every six months, Amazon would only pay by cheque in American dollars once our earnings had exceeded $100. This then required paying bank fees on the cheque, and on the conversion, costs which because of the complexity of the process we simply absorbed, rather than trying to split it up by individual sales and billing to our authors.

Now, however, the launch of Amazon’s new Australia store means that Amazon will be paying us monthly direct into our bank account in Australian dollars.

Perhaps more importantly Amazon will also be paying royalties of 70% of the list price, similar to what it had previously paid for American sales, rather than at the previous rate of 30%.

So good news for small Australian publishers without an American bank account, and their authors. But perhaps not such good news for the Australian reader who is now forced to pay GST, and in some cases according to GoodEReader.com a significantly higher price than what they have to pay for in the American store, e.g: A Game of Thrones: $4.99 AU, $2.90 US. The Signature of All Things: equivalent. Just One Evil Act: $19.99 vs $6.59. The Book Thief: $12.99 vs $2.90.

The price difference even seems to have happened to Hague’s own books with Bonnie’s Story: A Blonde’s Guide to Mathematics having the same list price of US$4.99 in both stores (ie $5.29 in Australian dollars), but being marked down to $4.39 in the US store.

Of course readers could get the book from our own website for $5 Australian without any DRM protection 🙂