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Round Four: the fight between Amazon and Hachette spills over and gets bitter

hachette vs amazon image

In a previous post (Round Three - Hachette vs Amazon) I covered the developing stoush between Amazon and Hachette which at that time, although threatening to affect both writers and readers, really seemed only to affect the companies concerned. But as the ‘negotiations’ continue to drag on the fight is starting to get bitter with writers now taking sides.

The petition

The taking of sides started with “letter to our readers” spearheaded by bestselling writer Douglas Preston and signed by 69 of Hachette’s authors.  However the reaction to this ‘letter’ by many smaller authors can be best characterised by Amy Eyrie’s response on the Bookseller’s blog: “… the reaction of these rich writers protecting the status quo is deeply disappointing. A little more time acting as mentors to fledgling writers and a little less time guarding their monopoly is what I expect from artists. What I see is a bunch of shallow, cynical business people.

In response, as Barry Eisler explains (see Barry’s blog or his specific post) Hugh Howey created an alternate petition to Hachette’s CEO that as at 13 July had obtained 7,110 signatures. The petition reads:  Continue reading

Not one of our books, but one of our authors: Ruth Fox has a new children’s book out via Amazon

Cover of Sand Dog by Ruth FoxAs the title says, Ruth Fox has a new children’s book out called Sand Dog. Its not one of ours, and I haven’t read it yet, but it would be worth checking out. The book is available as both an eBook and paperback (in full colour) from Amazon.

Sand Dog:

Print Length: 26 pages
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English
Price: Paperback $10.20
Price: eBook $4.13

“I was pretty sure I was going to hate living in Sunshine Bay. There was no skate park or video store, just a beach and a lot of clouds. But then I met Sand Dog …”

A young boy moves house with his mother. Far from the city where he has grown up, the beach seems a desolate, uninteresting place. But with the help of a very special friend, maybe things won’t be so bad after all! Sand Dog is a story of friendship, adjustment and acceptance, as well as the wonder and importance of an active imagination. Accompanied by bright illustrations in a unique style, this story will resonate with anyone who has ever felt in need of a companion.


Hague Publishing at Continuum X


ContinuumX picture

Thanks to Leonie Rogers (author of Frontier Incursion and the soon to be released Frontier Resistance), who has invited us to share a ‘market stall’ at Continuum X, the 53rd Australian National Science Fiction Convention, with her next weekend, we will have a presence at the convention. If you are visiting the convention make sure you catch up with her, and check out some of the work from our other fantastic authors.

Round Three – Hachette vs Amazon

Amazon-HachetteEarlier this month reports started to circulate that Amazon had acted to slow the speed with which it fulfilled orders on Hachette’s titles, with delays in some shipments reaching five weeks.

The news was first broken by the New York Times on May 8. However this appears to have only been ’round two’ in an extended series of ‘negotiations’ which may have started back in February when Michael Sullivan first noticed that the discounts for all his Riyria books listed on Amazon.com had vanished, raising the price of  his ebooks from $8.59 – $8.89 to $9.99 and his print books from $11.41 – $13.80 to $16.00 or $17.00. What was even more disturbing, however, was the discounts on most of his fellow Orbit (the fantasy imprint of Hachette) author’s books had disappeared as well.

Michael also started to see stocking issues from March 9 with both Hachette and Amazon blaming each other for the delays (Hachette accusing Amazon of placing small orders, Amazon blaming Hachette for not filling them). However, we are now well and truly into round 3 with Amazon upping the ante by removing the preorder capabilities on many major forthcoming Hachette titles. Continue reading

Lights Over Emerald Creek has appeared in the April edition of the San Francisco Book Review – 4.5 stars

SFBR April 2014 Cover

I couldn’t help including the full review – it pretty much sums up the book. And if you want to check a sample of the book, its available here.

Lights Over Emerald Creek
By Shelley Davidow
Hague Publishing, $4.49 US, 195 pages,
Format: eBook
4.5 stars

by Gretchen Wagner

Sixteen-year-old Lucy has been struggling with depression ever since the car accident several months ago, which took her mother’s life and left her paraplegic. But one night she sees something to bring her back to living, something inexplicable: strange glowing balls of light hovering over the creek on her remote Australian ranch. Lucy, an accomplished cellist with perfect pitch, finds the strange lights hum in different tones and leave unusual geometric patterns in the sand on the edge of the creek. Internet research connects her with Jonathan, a young music student in Scotland, who is interested in cymatics, the geometric forms created by sound waves moving through semisolid matter. Jonathan tells Lucy about unusual carvings in the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland which match certain note forms, and about an unexplained hexagonal storm on Saturn’s north pole that baffles scientists but also mimics one of those notes. Lucy’s online relationship with Jonathan develops while she continues her investigations linking these mysteries. But one day her research takes her much farther than she could have imagined, and she disappears. Jonathan, learning of her disappearance, travels to Australia to find her, which he eventually does. Together they learn that Lucy has exceptional powers that she will need to harness to allow the formation of a new world and to protect it from evil forces that want to enslave it before it has a chance to be born. Continue reading

Shelley’s book tour for ‘Lights Over Emerald Creek’ kicks off tomorrow

Final Draft

We’re quite excited at our first book tour, which features Shelley Davidow’s Lights Over Emerald Creek. and kicks off on the 11 of March. The tour will run for 20 weeks and features a combination of guest posts, reviews, author interviews, as well as excerpts and book features.

The tour’s first author interview will occur on the 18th, at Mommy Adventures.

As this is our first tour we’re eager to see how successful it is, although I can certainly say that Shelley has done as much as she can to ensure it’s as successful as possible. (Answering 50 questions, and preparing three guest posts for the tour’s organiser  OrangeBerry Book Tours while preparing for the start of the new school year is never going to be easy).

The full Schedule follows:  Continue reading

Our first newsletter for 2014 is now available

Our January newsletter has just been released.

2014 promises to be a bumper year for Hague Publishing with four eBooks slated to be released, as well as the release of our second paperback sometime in late March. As I explain in next weeks blog, relying on Facebook, Twitter, or (now) Google+ to be kept informed of what’s happening at Hague Publishing is somewhat problematic so why not subscribe to our email newsletter and never miss a release …

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