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About Us

Hague Publishing was established in 2011 as a new, independent Australian publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy. It is registered in Western Australia, and publishes original work by Australian and New Zealand authors.

Hague Publishing is not a vanity press, and we adhere to the Independent Book Publishers Association Code of Ethics. We pay royalties to those authors whose work we accept for publication. Authors are not charged for any part of the publication process.

We publish both ebooks and paperbacks. Our ebooks are available through all major international ebook distributors including, but not limited to:

In addition our ebooks are available to libraries through:

Our paperbacks are available to purchase from Amazon.com, our own webshop, and throughout the world using Ingram's Global Connect Program.

As a specialist publisher we take the book business and genre fiction seriously. Being passionate readers of these genres, we love them and know their commercial potential.

Principal - Andrew Harvey

Published author, editor and publisher includes in his resume:

Principal - Deborah Davies

Former Principal Davies Literary Agency

Copy Editor - Coreynn Tan

Staff pedant, by way of the health, science, and technical editing fields. Endlessly irked by typos in billboards and menus.


14 814 856 470

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The Independent Book Publishers Association