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Our publishing process

After you submit a manuscript to us

Your submission will be read by one of our slush pile readers. If they feel the work shows potential they will pass the work to the editor.

We are highly selective, so if you do make it to this point but we don't wish to publish you, you should still regard that as a very positive sign about your writing.

The contract

When we make the decision to publish your manuscript, we will send you an email informing you of our intention. This will be followed by our contract: a legal document outlining terms and conditions, rights and financial details. A copy of our standard contract is available at: standard contract. Basically we will seek to acquire the world-wide English publishing rights for an initial period of ten years.

Royalities are generally set at 45% of ebook receipts, and 15% of paperback receipts. We do not pay advances.

From manuscript to published book

Publishing is a time-consuming and risk-filled business. If we offer a contract to publish and you accept, it will commit you to making changes to your manuscript in line with what we believe will make your work commercially and critically successful.

Our aim - and yours - should be the same: to turn your manuscript into a published book of which we will all be proud.

Typically, as soon as you’ve signed a contract, we send you the first round of notes and revisions based on the observations of ourselves and our readers. At this stage, these will be big-picture items: structure, plot points and character issues that we feel need attention. This is a two-way process and we welcome your feedback and encourage discussion on these points. The following rounds of revisions, while still possibly addressing plotting, etc., will tend to be more specific (syntax, dialogue, the use of proprietary names, etc.), and during this process your novel should increasingly feel more polished.

While your work is being edited we will arrange for a cover to be produced, and your manuscript will be converted into an ebook and proof-read.